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How to add an icon next to the In Stock message WooCommerce

Adding an icon next to the “In Stock” message on WooCommerce can be a powerful way to improve the overall look and feel of your online store. It can help your products stand out, make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, and even increase your sales. In this guide, we’ll take […]

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Adding a New Tab Under the WooCommerce My Account Page with a Shortcode: A Step-by-Step Guide

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform built on top of WordPress. It is widely used for creating online stores and managing sales, orders, and customers. One of the key features of WooCommerce is its My Account page, which provides customers with a personalized area where they can manage their orders, view their account details, and […]

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WooCommerce Tips and Tricks: Shortcode for Displaying All Products Purchased by a User

WooCommerce Tips and Tricks: Shortcode for Displaying All Products Purchased by User WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows users to create an online store and sell products or services. One of the most important features of WooCommerce is the ability to display products purchased by a user on their account page. […]

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How to Create Custom Shortcodes for Reuse in WooCommerce and WordPress

How to Create Custom Shortcodes for Reuse in WooCommerce and WordPress Shortcodes are a powerful feature in WordPress that allow users to easily add custom content to posts, pages, and other parts of their website. In WooCommerce, shortcodes can be used to display product information, pricing, and other details on product pages or in other […]

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Setting Realistic Expectations for Online Shopping: Adding Disclaimers to Product Photos

Settings Realistic Expectations for Online Shopping As an online retailer, it’s essential to provide accurate and high-quality product photos to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. However, despite best efforts, there may be variations in the actual product received versus what is displayed in the photo. To address this issue and set appropriate customer expectations, […]

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Greying Out Variations in WooCommerce That Are Out of Stock: A Comprehensive Guide

Greying Out Variations in WooCommerce Managing product variations in an online store can be challenging, especially when dealing with out-of-stock items. As a WooCommerce store owner, you want your customers to have a seamless shopping experience, and that means ensuring that your product listings are accurate and up to date. One effective way to handle […]

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3 Easy Methods to Hide the Coupon Fields on WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Pages

Below are 3 easy methods to hide coupon fields As a WooCommerce user, you may encounter a situation where you need to hide the coupon code field on the cart and checkout pages. This can be useful if you have set up automatic discounts or if you simply do not want to offer coupons to […]

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