Website hosting that meets all your needs

Whether you’re managing a blog, eCommerce shop, agency or  enterprise level web application, our premium managed hosting offers the fastest, most secure, and hands-free solution out there.


Hosting is hosting, right?

Wrong! The choice you make in selecting a hosting provider is as critical to your business as your website itself! Cheap hosts, more often than not, put you on shared resources wherever they have space and nickel-and-dime you to death to add features.

At Solution Hippo, we’ve been configuring, managing, and tuning servers for many years – it’s our passion. Our primary focus is WordPress and WooCommerce optimization and performance tuning.

We offer services with no hidden fees. 


Focus on your business

White glove service is provided for ALL hosting plans. You do not need to lift a finger, learn to use use cpanel or any other hosting tool to manage your website, we take care of it all! 

Just login into your WordPress / WooCommerce website and start making money today!

Peace of Mind

Powerful Solutions. Superhero Support.

Do what you do best and leave the rest to us!

We Have You Covered!

Our experts manage every aspect of your hosting – you don't have to worry about a thing – so you can focus on your business.

Always Fast. Always On.

All of our servers use industry-leading hardware that keeps your site(s) blazing fast and our self-healing technology means your site is always available.

Location, Location, Location.

Distance matters. With over 85 global data centers available, your content is delivered to your visitors with lightening speed.

Safe, secure, and more reliable

Safe, secure, more reliable

All our hosting plans use the latest technologies for blocking a wide range of attacks, including:


  • WordPress specific exploits
  • HTTP response splitting
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Cache poisoning
  • Header exploits
  • SQL/PHP injection 
  • File injection

And much more!

We scan all hosting accounts on a nightly basis for malware and viruses. Our proactive approach and self-healing technology means you can rest easy knowing your information is safe.

All of our hosting plans are automatically monitored for WordPress core and plugin updates and vulnerabilities.


Updates are automatically applied, and if there is a conflict or failure, the changes are rolled back and additional monitoring is triggered.


On hosting plans that implement WooCommerce, we also automatically update core and extensions too!

All of our hosting plans include free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt (including wildcard certificates).

Free basic migrations from any host

Migrating your site can be daunting and stressful, which is why our dedicated, experience staff is ready to help.

Save time , money and frustration by taking advantage of Solution Hiipo’s free and easy migration service.

Features Included With All of Our Hosting Plans

Free Redis Caching

Boost your website's speed and performance with our Redis Caching solutions. Reduce load times and enhance user experience. Try Redis Caching now!

Web Application Firewall

Secure your web applications from online threats with our advanced firewall solutions. Prevent unauthorized access and keep your data safe. Get protected now!

Speed. Speed. Speed.

Accelerate your website's speed and performance with our lightning-fast solutions. Enhance user experience and boost conversions. Experience speed like never before!

Superhero Support

Experience superhero-level support with our comprehensive solutions. Our team is always ready to save the day and keep your business running smoothly.

Fully Managed Hosting

Focus on your business and let us handle the hosting with our fully managed solutions. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance, upgrades, and security. Choose managed hosting today!

Malware/Anti-Virus Scanning

Keep your website safe from malware and viruses with our comprehensive scanning solutions. Detect and remove threats before they cause harm. Scan your site now!

Automatic Updates

Forget about manual updates with our automatic update solutions. Stay up-to-date with the latest features and security patches. Save time and stay secure. Get automatic updates now!

PHP Workers

Handle traffic spikes and increase performance like never before. We do not limit anything on your box, except for outbound emails. PHP workers are adjustable for every dedicated box.

SFTP Access

Securely transfer files to your website with our SFTP access solutions. Enjoy end-to-end encryption, user-friendly interface, and easy file management. Our dedicated plans also include SSH connectivity.

Image Optimization

Optimize your website's images and improve page speed with our cutting-edge solutions. Reduce load times, enhance user experience, and boost SEO.

Free SSL Support

Secure your website with our free SSL solutions. Enjoy end-to-end encryption, improved search rankings, and increased user trust. Get a free SSL now!

The Choice Is Yours

Choose the tools you need:
LiteSpeed/NGINX; PHP 7.x thru 8.x; MySQL/MariaDB; SendGrid or SMTP.

Automatic Encrypted Backups

Nightly automatic encrypted backups are stored for 90 days on every hosting plan.

We also offer 365 day backup storage that includes realtime backups – something no one else is even offering. 

Ready To Host With Us?

We can customize a solution designed specifically to your needs.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked. If you are not happy with our services we will refund your money. Cancel anytime.

What our customers are saying...

The team at Solution Hippo has the best hosting environment and has provided the most amazing, white-glove support I’ve experienced in my 19 years in business as True Compass Designs!

Early in my business, I used GoDaddy as the hosting service for all my clients and things went fairly well. When one of my largest, long-time clients – with a sizable ecommerce site – needed custom coding, I was referred to Solution Hippo. They jumped right in! They handled the migration, coded the necessary features, and optimized the site beyond my expectations. My client has really thrived.

Over the past several years I’ve been migrating my clients to Solution Hippo. They are my go-to host for all my new clients. From staging setup and migration, optimization and production hosting, the team at Solution Hippo has been amazing. Now, when we run a speed and performance analysis, they are in the Top “A” bracket.

Solution Hippo responds immediately to my requests, answers all my questions, and has provided all the options I need to manage my business. They have definitely contributed to the success of my business!

Many thanks!
Mick Bird
Owner, True Compass Design

Have Questions?

If you didn’t find the answer to your questions, reach out to us – we’re happy to help! 

Software Development

From mobile apps to website development, let us help you build your next solution

Fully Managed Hosting

We manage all aspects of hosting so you can focus on your business

Weekly Billing

No surprise bills. Each week you get a detailed list of the work done down to the minute

AI Experience

Experience in using AI (Artifical Inteligance) to improve business profits