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Website Hosting

Website hosting is as critical to your business as the website itself. The hosting choice you make determines how fast your site responds, how secure it is, what resources you have at your disposal. Solution Hippo offers premium, fully-managed hosting services. From planning and design through website launch and long term maintenance, let us manage all your hosting needs.



We take care of everything: server management; optimization; security; backups; and more.


Our hosting services are designed to scale across multiple locations and servers. This minimizes risk by ensuring that if one hosting site fails, traffic is automatically rerouted to another location.


Every website we host is setup to be automatically backed up nightly. These encrypted backups can be reloaded in seconds should your site be hacked or taken down. Your backups are stored remotely for 90 days.

Websites & Redesign

Your website is your business’ face online and is often the first impression you make on potential customers. Our expert designers and developers help you design and build a complete solution that will help you flaunt all you offer on your website.



Good or bad, people make decisions about your company, your products, and your services in the first few seconds on your website. Sadly, most will people will leave immediately if you don’t make a strong first impression.


Whether you are starting from scratch, reviving your brand or needing to revamp your site, our team of professional designers and developers are here to ensure that you and your company look great on the web.


With today’s information overload, people have very short attention spans. Most visitors won’t wait longer than 2 seconds for a page to load before they move on to another site. Not only does your site need to look great, it has to perform.

eCommerce Web Services

Want to build an online store or have an existing store you need to optimize? We can help you do either! We’ll revamp your existing store or build a brand new one.



Whether your customer is shopping on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, our team will optimize the site to ensure your customers have an easy and smooth shopping experience.


From basic eCommerce to advanced product options, variables, and filters – we can make it happen with clean, functional designs that converts shoppers to buyers.


Cart abandonment is one of the largest problems faced by eCommerce businesses. The checkout process must be smooth and intuitive – the smallest inconvenience could cost you the sale.

Website Migration Service

Thinking of switching your website to WordPress or online store to WooCommerce? Our team of experts have extensive experience migrating websites to these platforms so that your site is functions at its best.

wordpress hero


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the market. It is flexible, versatile, and able to easily interface with a multitude of applications.


WooCommerce is a fast, secure ecommerce solution designed to work specifically within WordPress. WooCommerce’s power lies in its flexibility and extensive set of features.


Regardless of the reason you decide to migrate your site from one platform to another, we’ve got you covered. A well-managed migration will prevent any loss in traffic or revenue.

Website Auditing

Regular website audits make sure your website is running at peak performance and is secure. We specialize in performance tuning and optimization to keep your site running smoothly.

website audit hero


Website audits help identify both technical and content-related issues that may be negatively impacting your site traffic, sales conversions, and search engine rankings. 


Depending on the issues, different types of audits may be appropriate. Audits can reveal the source of issues related to performance, accessibility, and inclusivity.


There are a number of DIY websites that will let you “audit” your website. While these sites are okay in some cases, they are often very general in guessing what the problems are rather than diagnosing the real issues. 

Website Maintenance

Managing and maintaining your website is a continuous task. We’ll take care of all the updates and fixes needed, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.



WordPress – like all software – is continually being updated to add features, fix bugs, and manage new security vulnerabilities. We continually monitor, install, and test all software updates for you.


“Stuff” happens. Updates go wrong, files get corrupted, sites get hacked. Having regular, offsite encrypted backups will give you peace of mind, allowing you to be back online should the inevitable happen.


It is important to identify issues before they affect your customers. If you are hosting your website with Solution Hippo, we can identify, in real-time, website outages, broken links, lagging load times, and more.

Web Security

Keeping your website and data safe is of utmost importance for you and your business. We make sure that your website is safe with up-to-date plugins and we make sure your server environment is safe too.



Hackers are always busy. Year-over-year, the number of automated attacks increase at exponential rates. Our team of security experts help detect, prevent, and respond to security threats as they arise.


Security is critical for websites that handle confidential, private or protected information. From DNS level security to PCI compliance, our team is dedicated to keeping you and your customers information secure.


Cybercriminals are crafty, and sadly, it’s businesses that pay the price. A compromised site can damage both your reputation and your bottom line. Don’t worry, we have a team of tough crime fighters!

Website Performance Tuning

Customers demand fast and reliable websites. If you make them wait, they will frequently go to a competitor’s site to find what they want. Most customers will not wait more than 2 seconds for a web page to load and 46% say they will not return to a slow website.



Faster web pages increase user engagement and conversion rates. Despite the importance of a fast website, most websites are not built to be optimized for speed. We can help you get optimal performance.


Stability can be affected by a number of things, including higher traffic numbers, photos and videos taking up too much space, too many redirects, and more. These are all issues that can be found and fixed.


Search engines rank your site based on a number of factors – speed, stability, keywords, and regular content updates. Google, in particular, will rank you site higher based on its performance on mobile devices.

Website Backup & Recovery

Should anything happen to your website, a backup will be your most valuable asset. Knowing that your website is safe, secure, and that you have a backup that can be recovered in minutes provides the ultimate peace of mind.



Websites can be backed up multiple ways. You can have a full or mirror backup, in which all data is replicated. There are also incremental or differential backups where only certain website changes are backed up and stored.


Backups can be stored in a variety of ways and locations depending on your needs and budget. Due to the time sensitive nature of websites, you will want to store your backup in a way that it can be recovered and restored quickly.


Recovery is a core part of a good backup plan and any functioning website. It should be tested regularly and updated prior to any changes being made to your site. Multiple people should be trained on how to recover the site.

Email Campaigns

Stand out in any inbox with the best in class email campaigns. Create powerful email marketing content from existing blog posts, products or services. Notify customers of sales or new products with a look that is consistent with your website in colors, fonts and logo. 



Email campaigns are a form of inbound marketing. Email marketing campaigns are a series of emails used to communicate with existing and potential customers.


Emails can be tailored to customer actions so you can customize messages to target customer interests. Email marketing leads to more sales than any other marketing type.


Not only is email marketing more effective than social media, it is also cost effective, personal and customizable, action-oriented, measurable, and easy to access via mobile devices.

API & Integrations

There are endless possibilities that your service or application can connect and communicate with other third party websites and services. We can build a stable API that can connect your service or application with others.

api hero


If your site connects to an external source to send or receive data, you will need an API. For example, if your site accepts PayPal, the API is how your site formats the data and communicates with PayPal.


Integration is the process of setting up the interactions between external data sources and your site. Whether your site needs to link to your internal accounting system or a third party supplier, we can help.  


Our team of developers has written a number of custom APIs that enable our customers to communicate with unique legacy systems and third party vendors that do not have an API already developed.

Multilingual Websites

A multilingual website is one of the highest impact methods of expanding your audience; it is an affordable way of expanding your market reach and increasing your sales. Offering a multilingual site gives you a significant boost over your competitors, improves your rankings in search engines, attracts new consumers, and increases sales. 

multilingual hero


Solution Hippo has partnered with a third party company that provides translation services for businesses globally. Their organization is staffed with native speakers in over 70 languages.


Localization is the process of adapting a website to cater to local linguistic and cultural differences. Localization offers a more targeted customization than simple translation.


A multilingual site lets you quickly enter new markets, is a cost effective marketing tool, increases search engine ranking, and gives you a big competitive advantage.

Disaster Recovery & Remote Working

Although related, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery are not the same, but should be developed in tandem. Disaster recovery specifically focuses on the recovery and continuity of your IT infrastructure, whereas, business continuity focuses on the processes needed to keep your business personnel and assets secure and operational. 



Disaster recovery is the process of resuming or maintaining normal business operations by restoring access to hardware, software, networking equipment, connectivity and data.


Testing of your disaster recovery plan is critical. You should perform random stress tests to guarantee that you are able to rapidly restore operations should the need arise.


Enabling your employees to work remotely is a powerful tool during times of crisis and normal operations. We can help you transition your team to remote operations seamlessly.

Business Continuity Planning

COVID-19 has brought the importance of business continuity planning to the forefront. We are lucky to have an expert with over 20 years of business continuity planning experience on our team. We have helped both large and small businesses put systems in place to quickly and effectively handle disruptions in business operations before and during a crisis.



We help you analyze potential threats and identify in what ways they may affect your business. Be prepared to deal with being hacked, facing a potential natural disaster or, yes, even a pandemic.


Ensure that your personnel and business assets are protected should a crisis occur. Be prepared to switch to remote operations, alternative delivery methods, and have back ups of your data and IT infrastructure.


Your business continuity procedures must be practiced regularly so your team is prepared if/when disaster strikes. Knowing your business won’t be forced to close should a crisis happen is priceless. 

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